2,000 Hours: Be Happy With Where You Work

The average full-time salaried employee works around 2,000 per year at their job. This includes two weeks vacation and working a full 40-hour week. That is 22.8% of the year sent at your office or place of work. With an additional roughly 2,500 hours of sleep, which is 28.5% of the year, you spend nearly as much time at work as you do in your bed.

More people make sure they are comfortable in their bed then they do at the place of work. “As long as I’m paying the bills,” is a common statement. Of course, that is true, but you should also be happy.

Over the past seven years I have been able to pay my bills with my full-time job, but would’ve made every attempt to find a new workplace if I wasn’t happy along the way.

Free Christian Church has been like a family to me and treated me well.

Working for a non-profit is tough financially, it is even more tough when it’s a church. But going into my position in July of 2009, I knew that. However, you can’t put a price tag or salary on the way your are treated and respected inside the four walls of your office or place of work.

Just after starting at FCC, I was invited to a “going away party” for the girl I was replacing. From the moment I stepped onto my new co-worker’s property I was welcomed with open arms. We ate snacks and lunch, talked a little about my work history and who I was as a person. I felt like a part of the family. I remember that day vividly.

In my new office I worked alongside one of the greatest people I have ever met in my entire life, Nancy. She was like a friend and mother to me. Guiding me through tough work decisions, but also helping me through life’s stumbling blocks with her years of wisdom and her ability to pray for others. Nancy spent the first three-plus years sharing an office with me before deciding to step away from the work life. Her absence is felt almost daily to me. However, her few years sharing an office with me will stick with me forever. She is family to me.

kimjustKim, my amazing boss, also welcomed me like a friend and a mother. She never forgot to congratulate me, celebrate my birthday or Christmas. She took me to lunch for my work anniversary every year and even grab a quick beer with me after a tough day at the office. She always thought about my wife Jaylyn as a part of my extended work family and always has my back when things may come tumbling down on me at work or in life. She was willing to take chances for me and step out on a ledge to see things through with my ideas. She took a chance on me when others may have looked over me. Kim is a one-of-a-kind person with a great since of humor and a compassionate heart for others. She is someone that I am extremely proud to call my friend, and will always keep close to thoughts and prayers.

Of course, having two mother-like figures (they might not like that term, but it’s my post!) at your workplace of course is something that will get you through the tough moments, but they aren’t the only reason.

I had the privilege to share an office for a few months with one of my best friends, Javier, before he moved just a temporary wall away. He is like a brother to me, caring about who I am and what I have to say. He is always there to bounce ideas off and always had my back when I designed something new. I could always go to him with complaints and he talk it out with me. His loving family is beautiful and I am proud of him as a father to his kids and husband to Gigi. I will miss seeing Javier in my office and his close friendship, good thing for Facebook and fantasy sports!

11210441_10205390453014297_4718516765931471490_nMy sister at FCC, Jane. Need a pick-me-up, talk to Jane. She was the wildest co-worker I’ve ever had, but someone that I am going to miss a ton. She, and her amazing family, have been an outstanding boost of excitement in my work life and personal life. Her loving personality and caring heart has meant a lot. Thanks for the great times and the great experiences. I’ll miss your antics!

I had the privilege of having two amazing Senior Pastors come through the church while I was employed. I started when Dr. Jack L. Daniel was in his 32nd year and was able to be a big part of his retirement in 2012. I even got his old desk when he moved out of his office! He was a fun guy with a great heart and was loved by all. Jon Paul replaced Jack after his retirement and has been an outstanding addition to the FCC Senior Pastor role. JP was the North Andover Campus Pastor for the years prior. JP has been a brother of mine for the past seven years and I have enjoyed talking craft beer and sports with him. He has been a great friend to chat with and an amazing leader of the church. He will always be close to me.

In addition to the other co-worker that mean a great deal to me I have made friends with those who regularly come through my office on a regular week including, Jeff, Rich, Lord Thomas and Ben.

Being happy with those you work with and the community you have in your workplace goes a great distance. A mix of competitive salary, great environment, and a family-like atmosphere made me stay in my office for almost seven years.  When you get both the pay you need and the workplace you like, it doesn’t seem like work.

With this move I have been forced to leave my family at FCC, but I am excited to start a new chapter with my wife. I am extremely excited to get start at Downeast Toyota on May 17 and start what I hope is a new work family with the love and care I have here.

Be happy with where you work, or it will be just that…work.

If I didn’t mention you by name in this piece, doesn’t mean you don’t matter. There are more posts to come! 🙂