Comic book covers are the first thing you see when choosing which books to pickup on new comic day. The artwork pulls in readers and I have a fondness for the cover art. This is a list that has more than just five, but here are my top-5 Marvel comic book covers.


He’s the best there is at what he does. But what he does isn’t very nice. See Wolverine do lots of not-nice things, like fighting a bear in the Canadian Rockies! Sword-fighting with one of his greatest foes, Lord Shingen! And fighting for the honor of his lady love, Mariko Yashida, against…her husband?!?

Cover Artists: Frank Miller, Josef Rubinstein (Sept, 1982)



ULTIMATUM comes at Deadpool for revenge, so he has no choice but to take them on-ALL OF THEM. Then, in an Infinity Gauntlet crossover, what would Deadpool do if he got the six gems from Thanos? Plus: a slew of stories showcasing Deadpool’s closest friends and allies by special guest writers! I like this issue so much, I have it tattooed on my arm

Cover Artists: Skottie Young (April, 2015)



Carnage unleashed! Criminally insane inmate Cletus Kasady bonds with a symbiote to fulfill his violent urges. Witness Spider-Man’s first battle against Carnage, ending in bloodshed! This comic also made my favorite villain list with the introduction of Carnage!

Cover Artists: Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin (April, 1992)


#2 – CARNAGE #1

Marvel Comic Book CoversCarnage, the homicidal symbiote is back, and he’s leaving a trail of bodies behind him. The FBI is hot on his trail, with a different playbook since their serial killer is a super villain. They’re equipped with the latest sonic tech and a team including military hero/astronaut John Jameson and a reformed Eddie Brock/Toxin! But when Carnage escapes into an coal mine, the FBI’s plan is starting to look like a trap… for THEM!

Cover Artists: Mike Del Mundo (Nov, 2015)



Marvel Comic Book CoversSeeking to impress the Mistress Death, who returned him to life, Thanos has gained control over the Infinity Gauntlet — making him an all-powerful god! With Mephisto as his familiar, Thanos wipes out half of the life in the universe with a snap of his fingers! What will Earth do when half its the heroes are killed?

Cover Artists: George Perez (July, 1991)



Those are my favorite Marvel comic book covers. Any questions or more recommendations, let me know!

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