When I was younger I had a tough time reading. I had to be in special reading classes, when entering high school. The one thing that got me to read was Marvel Comics.

Marvel ComicsStan Lee, also known for his amazing creations as Marvel, made it easy for me to connect with the characters in the pages of the books. He made characters that I could relate to in the real world. He made super heroes live in New York City, an actual place. The people had real issues, including going to class, homework, breakups, and financial problems. These made them seem so real.

The characters, along with the short length and simplicity of comics, made it easy for me to read. I could get through a short comic and feel like I accomplished something. However, the way Marvel was able to connect multiple characters and a storyline over multiple different books always made me wanting more.

I really dove head-first into comics when I was out of high school and working full-time. When there was spare money to spend on comics and ended up with a comic addiction. I would go to Newbury Comics in Salem, New Hampshire every Wednesday to grab new books. When new books weren’t available, I would start collecting back issues to complete a series or to focus on one character or story.

Over the years I have found that the one constant thing in my life was comic books. I had multiple serious relationships, different jobs and moved from place to place. The one thing that stayed the same was comics.

When you read a ton of comics, you fall for certain characters. Mine have always been Gambit and Thanos, with more recently Spider-Gwen (now known as Ghost-Spider). Of course, I read many different titles, but I always go for those characters first.

As I grew older, Marvel was able to expand the love for their pages and brought the people to life on the big screen! The creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of Iron Man in 2008 only made me fall even more in love with the culture.

Marvel ComicsIn this crazy world, comics have brought me so much happiness. I have been able to meet creators, writers and artists at comic conventions such as Jim Steranko, George Perez, Paul Pelletier, Arthur Suydam and so many more. I have been able to amass a large collection and am always adding to it. Marvel has created a world, with a large thank you to Stan Lee, that I can get lost in. A world I can continue to go back to and know it won’t let me down.

My love for Marvel Comics has expanded so far, I have had two tattoos done. I am working on a third from Jay Cochran at Forecastle Tattoo in Bangor, Maine. My first was Stand Lee, then a Run The Jewels variant cover by Skottie Young and working on a Yondu themed piece soon.

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